‘Pokemon Go’ Gets The ‘Honest Trailer’ Treatment And It’s Loaded With Tons Of Hilarious Truth Bombs

I didn’t think that the folks over at Smosh could do a better “Honest Trailer” than the one they did recently where Deadpool hijacked it.

Of course that was before the worldwide epidemic called Pokemon Go turned everyone into a phonescreen-staring zombie (more than normal, I mean).

“Be a part of the trend that’s more popular and annoying than people who take vaping seriously. That got thousands of new fans into the franchise by making it free to play, sticking it on your phone, and taking out most of the parts that make it a video game in this ground breaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps and Paper Toss.”

That really is the game isn’t it?

Mild cardio…

Google Maps…

And Paper Toss

No wonder it’s taking the world by storm. Who doesn’t love all of those things?

Because we know that video, as on point as it is, will in no way stop you from playing here are some tips to help you dominate Pokemon Go

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