Guy Gets Free Food, VIP Access, Girls And A BMW Pretending To Be Oscar Winner

Does this man look familiar? While he might not look like a Hollywood megastar, he could easily be some behind-the-scenes movie editor or producer that won an Oscar. That is the prank by New Media Rockstars. By simply putting a fancy tux on this guy and giving him a fake Oscar statuette he goes from zero to hero in seconds.

Armed with a fake Oscar acceptance video, a tux and faux award this guy walks the streets of Hollywood and instantly receives acclaim and admiration from strangers who truly believe he is an Academy Award winner.

A woman comes up to the man and asks, “Can I get a picture with your Grammy?” Oscar, Grammy, same bullshit.

Throughout his travels he received the following:

  • Free tickets to a movie that he claims he is in
  • A large orange Gatorade
  • Pleasure Pack of Trojan Condoms
  • Access to a restricted area
  • Access to Roosevelt Hotel VIP Party exclusive party
  • Chips and salsa
  • Empanadas
  • A white BMW
  • A girl’s phone number

Free empanadas? Where do I sign up! That’s a pretty decent haul for a couple hours of just walking around. He even gets pics with many, many girls that are out of his league (No disrespect).

One lying fan says, “I saw your speech. It was for editing.” Another fraudulent suckup says, “Great job. I watched your movie dude!” One man even bows down in reverence towards him.

In a bar he starts chants of “Whip-lash!” and “Imitation Game.” He shouts, “Dreams come true!” and the bar patrons erupt in applause.

The conman ends the prank by picking up his car, and despite not having a ticket the valet gladly just retrieves “his car,” a white BMW. Fuck. This is some Willy Wonka Golden Ticket shit.

Everybody loves a winner.