Some Dude Paid $96,000 To Sniff Princess Leia’s Gold Bikini Bottom From ‘Return Of The Jedi’


Return of the Jedi

Technically, I may have committed slander in that headline.

I’m not certain that the anonymous person who bought Carrie Fisher’s iconic gold bikini from the final Star Wars movie is a man, and I have no idea if the person who purchased it has any intention of burying his or her nose deep into the crotch of it the moment they get it to try and pick up some faint hints of Princess Leia’s pussy from 32 years back.

But… come on. Come on. Come on. If you’re the kind of person who is going to spend a fortune to own that, you are definitely the kind of person who is gonna stick your face into the bikini bottoms the first private second you have with them and inhale so hard you almost pass out.

I’m not judging. I’d do the same.

Her bikini, as well as the collar and some of the chain, fetched $96,000 at an auction of Star Wars memorabilia this Friday.

That dude is DEFINITELY sniffing it as we speak.