Did Princess Leia And Chewbacca Do It While Filming ‘Star Wars?’

Like many of you, I’ve had the Star Wars theme stuck in my head for the past few days. J.J. Abrams trailer for Episode VII got everyone jacked up.

Which is probably why some pictures from filming the old movies made their way to the top of the internet’s big board (Reddit).

Prior to seeing these photos, I had never wondered if Carrie Fisher was into cosplay or even bestiality, or if Peter Mayhew liked white women. But after seeing these? I’m thinking about it.

Because it’s pretty apparent Leia loves Wookie.

Here they are about to French kiss in Cloud City (Note: Not actually Cloud City, but a set designed to look like it).

And here is Chewie, grabbing some Alderaanian titty.

They are into having squawking voyeurs.

Is she about to suck some Wookie dick here? I think she’s about to suck some Wookie dick here.


And before the Battle for Endor. These folk wanted to fuck all the time.


Leia. Damn. I rest my case. Apparently Cloud City was one big robot, space people, bear things sex den.

[Images via Imgur]