Puddle Of Mudd Frontman Melts Down And Accuses Audience Member Of Stealing His House And Then Walks Off Stage

What a grade-A top quality meltdown. This honestly couldn’t be more Puddle of Mudd if it were pothole full of water with wet dirt in it. If you asked me in 2001 what POM would be doing 15 years later, I would say stopping a lightly attended concert somewhere in bumfuck Ohio for their frontman Wes Scantlin to awkwardly settle a personal dispute with a stranger.

Yo Wes, who just like, steals a house? Like you know where it is. It’s not like he folded your house up and ran away with it. Unless your house was a cardboard box, which would actually make perfect sense. OR, if your house was foreclosed on last year, which according to TMZ, it was.

Not only was it foreclosed on, Scantlin was arrested just last month for breaking into his old Hollywood home and vandalizing some of it with a HATCHET. As he was being handcuffed off the property by LAPD officers, he was pleading “C’mon, this is my house, man!”

The dude has also been arrested in the past couple years in a string of incidents, two involving DUIs (for one he was FOUR times over the legal limit and the other he led police on a  high-speed car chase.)

That is a fall from grace that you can’t script. I’m actually starting to feel bad now.

The band took to their Facebook page (which has 38,000 fans) to apologize to the fans in attendance for cutting the show short and promised a free future ticket to their show at the Olive Garden. I actually don’t know if its at Olive Garden, only making educated guesses.

“Thank you everyone who attended tonight’s show! We apologize for the actions of the lead singer. Unfortunately, it was beyond our control! Please send us a PM and we will issue you a ticket to the next show of your choice!”



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