14 Questions That Need To Be Answered In Season 6 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ (SPOILERS)

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You will have suffered for 315 days. You will have to endure 315 long, tedious and dragonless days without your favorite imp drinking buddy, Tyrion Lannister. There will be 315 days from the epic Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones to the highly anticipated premiere of Season 6. But the torturous wait is nearly over because this Sunday your favorite fantasy drama returns and there are so many questions heading into the critical season.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. Lots Of Them.

1.) Is Jon Snow Dead? (No Like Really, Really Dead)
Let’s knock this humdinger off the list first. When we last left Jon Snow, he was being betrayed by his Night’s Watch brothers, stabbed like a kebab and left to bleed out in the snow. Kit Harrington was adamant that his character was in the Seven Heavens with the New Gods. But there plenty of ways for him to realistically return, A.) He didn’t actually die, B.) If Beric Dondarrion can be brought back from the dead by Thoros of Myr, then why not Jon Snow? C.) The Night’s King definitely had a man-crush on Jon, and both were Lord Commanders of the Night’s Watch D.) Jon can’t die because he is destined to be one of the three riders of the dragons, but they must have some Targaryen blood in them, so that includes Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Targaryen and Jon Targaryen and E.) Jon is Azor Ahai.

Melisandre has proclaimed that Stannis Baratheon was Azor Ahai, the Prince who was Promised. During the war between the Lord of Light and the Great Other, Azor Ahai defeated the darkness with a magical sword called Lightbringer. Prophecy foretells that this fabled hero will be reborn to defeat the Great Other again. However, what if Jon is Azor Ahai?

Melisandre believes Azor Ahai will be “born amidst salt and smoke.” There is a theory that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark (commonly referred to as R+L=J), born during a battle at the Tower of Joy (smoke) and covered in the tears of his dying mother (salt). The legend also states that “A warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword,” which could be Jon burning himself badly pulling Longclaw from fire to save Jeor Mormont from wights.

Not to mention he was spotted on set filming in Belfast. But Harrington countered by saying, “I filmed some scenes of me being dead — it’s some of my best work.” Than why did HBO renew Harrington’s contract through Season 7? Why would anyone pay someone who’s can’t possibly help them? I guess it’s not that unheard of, the New York Mets are paying Bobby Bonilla an annual salary of $1.19 million until 2035 and he was released by the team in 1999. Plus, George R.R. Martin originally mapped out five characters to survive all three books including Daenerys, Arya, Bran, Tyrion and Jon.

And if he is dead, why is there a Season 6 poster with Jon Snow on it? HBO, are you just fucking with us?

2.) Will We Get To Meet Lady Stoneheart?
Speaking of dead people being reincarnated, what’s Catelyn Stark up to these days? Catelyn wasn’t doing too well after the Red Wedding, but in the book her corpse gets thrown into the river, found by Arya’s direwolf, Nymeria, and dragged ashore. Beric Dondarrion of the Brotherhood Without Banners spots her and resurrects her with his faith of the Lord of Light, but he doesn’t have that magic down pat because he isn’t unable to heal her wounds. Catelyn Stark, now Lady Stoneheart, has a slit throat and bloated skin from decomposing.

There’s a good chance Lady Stoneheart is in Season 6 because Clive Russell, the actor who plays Catelyn’s uncle Brynden “Blackfish” Tully, will be returning to the show in Season 6. Blackfish will be returning to Riverrun to attempt to hold the castle against the Lannisters and their allies, and a perfect time for Catelyn to show off her new self to House Tully.

3.) Does The Flashback To The Tower of Joy Mean That We Learn About Jon Snow’s Real Family?
In one of the trailers for Season 6, it features a seemingly pedestrian swordfight, but if you look at the details it is kind of a big deal. If you take a closer look at the armor, you will notice that one of the soldiers is wearing a Targaryen sigil of a three-headed dragon, and since technically all of the Targaryens except of Daenerys are dead, this is a flashback scene, possibly seen by Bran as his powers become stronger. Specifically, the critical battle at the Tower of Joy.


The Tower of Joy possibly hints back to the popular “R+L=J” theory about Jon Snow’s biological parents, believed to be Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. And why do a flashback about a dead character’s parents? Hmmm?

4.) Is The Hound Dead?
Is anyone fucking dead? Fan favorite, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane was left for dead after Brienne of Tarth clobbered him and sent him flailing down a cliff in Season 4. Watchers of the Wall reported that Rory McCann AKA The Hound was seen staying at a hotel in Belfast commonly used by the cast of Game of Thrones. And since we didn’t actually see him die, we must assume that he is alive and hungry for some every fucking chicken in this room.

5.) Did Sansa Escape The Sadistic Ramsay Bolton And Is She Preggers?
Did Sansa and Theon really escape the evil clutches of Ramsay Bolton? Can they find their way to Brienne without Theon snapping because of his PTSD or Littlefinger finding her and returning her back to the Boltons? Don’t forget about Ramsay’s very fast and very vicious hunting dogs.

As we learned from The Lion King, the circle of life not only includes death, but also the birth of life. However, in GoT, even the births can be wretched. In promotional photos released by HBO, they show a possibly full-bellied Sansa who may be pregnant. And the conception may have occurred during that brutal rape by none other than Ramsay Bolton.


6.) Will FrankenMountain Be A Killing Machine?
Remember The Mountain? Oberyn Martell nearly slaughtered Gregor Clegane, but in the end, Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson squishes the Viper’s skull like a grape, but not before The Mountain is poisoned with manticore venom. Facing death, Qyburn makes The Mountain his science project and tries to bring him back to life and even stronger thanks to his Dr. Frankenstein-like experiments. It seems to have worked because Gregor, now known as Ser Robert Strong is ready to serve Cersei Lannister and even carry her around.

7.) Is Daenerys’ Life In Danger?
When we last left Daenarys Targaryen she was being taken by a Dothraki horde. It didn’t seem like a particularly cheerful reunion between Khaleesi and the people of her former sun and her stars, Khal Drogo. She is supposed to be taken to the Dothraki City of Vaes Dothrak, home of the widowed khaleesis who serve as soothsayers. Creators of the show say that Daenarys drops her ring in the final scene to serve as a breadcrumb so whomever may be looking for her could track her down. I’m talking to you Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis.

8.) What Unholy Secret Deals Will Petyr Baelish Make In The Shadows To Acquire More Power?
Littlefinger is an underrated powerbroker who isn’t afraid to lie, steal, cheat and betray to climb up the ladder of chaos. With the Vale army at his command as Lord Protector, how will he use that important force of the North? To the highest bidder I would imagine.

9.) Will Bran Finally Grow Into His Mysterious Powers?
Bran Stark was absent from Season 5 after he previously ventured to the ancient Children of the Forest to meet the man of his dreams, the Three-Eyed Raven. The crippled Stark may become a major player if he can learn to develop his mystical powers from his new cave-dwelling mentor. And can Hodor still lug around this strapping young man?

10.) Will The Night’s King Lead The White Walkers Over The Wall?
With Jon gone(?), the men of the Night’s Watch not only lack expertise, but also won’t join forces with the Wildlings. So even with the Wall, there doesn’t seem to be enough manpower to guard the 300-mile, 700-foot-high barrier. If only Donald Trump was in charge of the Night’s Watch, he’d have the Wildlings build the greatest wall that would make your head spin, and he’d have the Free Folk guard the Wall from the White Walkers.

11.) Will Arya Get Her Eyesight Back?
At the end of Season 5 Arya received a harsh punishment for killing Ser Meryn Trant and taking a face from the House of Black and White without permission. But is this a life sentence of sightlessness or is this part of her training to be a Faceless Man like it is in the book? Will Arya turn the corner and be like the Faceless Men who “don’t kill for revenge — they’re not killing out of anger, they’re killing because death is a gift and the idea is a painless death is almost like you’re letting people go, and that’s not Arya’s way,” GoT showrunner David Benioff said. Or will the feisty Stark continue to cross off enemies off her kill list?

12.) By What Episode Will King Tommen Baratheon Be Assassinated?
Baratheon kings haven’t fared well in the first five seasons, with Robert and Joffrey being executed. Now the young Tommen takes the Iron Throne and it’s only a matter of time that he is unceremoniously removed from power and life by one of the many power-hungry vultures circling King’s Landing.

13.) Where In The World Of Westeros Is Rickon Stark?
The youngest Stark was last seen three seasons ago, but has been on the run with Osha. In the books, Rickon was taken to the island of Skagos. With few Starks still alive, and if the North is still loyal, Rickon’s return could be a big deal.

14.) What Will Ser Davos Do Now That Stannis Is Dead?
With Stannis Baratheon dead(?), Ser Davos Seaworth has no king to serve. In the Season 6 trailer he is seen tending to Jon Snow’s corpse, but he also appears to be in the same room as Sansa. Are they teaming up? He will quickly learn that hard truths cut both ways.

Bonus Question: Does King Tommen Baratheon Still Play With Ser Pounce?
Or did Margaery Tyrell’s pussy steal his affections?

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