Killer Mike And Action Bronson Engage In Hilarious Rap Battle On Treadmills


We all know that Killer Mike and Action Bronson‘s rhyming skills are top notch, but what happens when they’re forced to spit bars in a completely foreign and scary place for them? The Eric Andre Show wanted to up the ante and challenge the two rappers to lay down rhymes on a treadmill. The late-night Adult Swim talk show tested the rappers’ endurance as well of the durability of two very unlucky treadmills. Unfortunately it was more of gasp battle than a rap battle where both lyricist quickly became winded and could really only muster a few “Yo, yo’s.” To motivate them to rap better a member of the show ran out donuts to the panting pair.

However Killer Mike may have a legitimate and justifiable reason for his lackadaisical performance, but I am still shocked he so vehemently declined the donuts.


I was wondering why my glass of water looked strange the other night.