Someone Built A Real, Functional Lightsaber And IT IS AWESOME!

by 4 years ago

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is positioned to shatter basically every box office record previously held this weekend. But the return of Star Wars is more than just a beloved movie — It’s a cultural moment, inspiring everyone from UFC fighters to world leaders to embrace The Force this weekend.

YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced thought he’d pay tribute to the movie by seeing if he could build a real-life Lightsaber. Using boric acid, a butane stream, and some nifty lightsaber sound effects, he managed to rig together to be one of the coolest things to come out of mania. It’s basically a powerful, glorified butane lighter, which means it’s ideal for lighting cigs, joints, and yule logs in the fireplace.

It can actually *kind of* do some damage, too!

The kudos to this Bro for using his lightsaber to give Jar Jar Binks the fate he deserves.


Like a real Jedi, he’s using the force for good.

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[H/T: Daily Dot]

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