Here’s the Dream House Where the Real-Life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Lived

In 2003, Jordan Belfort was convicted of securities fraud and money laundering, and after serving 22 months of a four-year sentence at a white-collar prison, he was ordered to pay $110.4 million back to the victims of his Stratton Oakmont pump-and-dump scheme. You might be surprised to find that the coke-snorting, wife-beating lunatic of a businessman is taking his sweet time paying restitution. You also might be surprised to find that he spent some years since his release living in a sweet, sweet oceanfront residence in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

According to a few sources online today, Belfort’s post-arrest business, JB GLobal Holdings LLC—which coordinates his profitable speeches and sales seminars—is registered to the address of a lovely 4,000 square-foot home in the waterfront city just south of L.A. The Spanish-inspired house boasts four bedrooms, five baths, and a direct line to Belfort’s quaalude sponsor. It even comes with its own YouTube video (below). Does your apartment have a YouTube video? Didn’t think so, buddy.

According to Zillow, the home has leased before at $40,000/month, and it’s currently vacant and available for $20 grand/month, meaning Belfort has moved on to maybe less-grand settings in his quest to pay back the $100 million he owes investors.

Still, Belfort living in this $3 million home does provide a pretty clear cut example of what his fictionalized character says at the end of Wolf of Wall Street: if you’re rich, you do tend to get away with a lot.