Guy Goes On Vacation With Reese Witherspoon And Family, Can’t Stop Trolling Her With Dad Jokes About Her Movies

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Los Angeles-based actor/writer/producer Chad Mountain (…yep, real name) is kinda of our boy here at BroBible. A couple weeks ago we featured him making things Instagram official with Charlotte McKinney. Before that? He reminded us that vodka is the only Valentine’s Day present you need.

A good family friend of Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth. Last week he headed on a tropical vacation with the couple, noting that it was “probably the last family vacation they ever invite me on… but I had a blast.” While there, he couldn’t stop trolling Reese with some of the best puns about her movies that you’ll ever hear. For example, there’s this exchange in the golf carts:

Chad: “Hey Reese… What’s your natural hair color?”

Reese: “I don’t remember, it’s been so long…”

Chad: “Is it… Legally Blonde?”

It’s the celebrity equivalent of Dad vacation jokes, like “Where did the sheep go on vacation?… The Bahhh-amas!”

Dad jokes for the win.

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