Is Rey’s Grandfather The Most Evil Person In The ‘Star Wars’ Universe? One Convincing Fan Theory Says So

If we know one thing about Star Wars, it’s that duality, and the struggle with it, is such a common theme. Light and Dark, good and bad, blaster or saber.

What was weird about The Force Awakens was that its main character seemingly lacked that.

In the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker was not born to two good parents, but rather had Darth Vader as his father. Of course, we didn’t find out until the second installment that existed within him.

If Rey’s arc were to mirror Luke’s then, why would she be his son? Where would the dichotomy that is so prevalent in the originals be? What, did Luke fuck a Sith Sloot? Un-fucking-likely in my humble opinion.

So if she were to have the influences of the Dark Side, who could her grandfather be?

Emperor Palpatine? Not a chance. Except that the similarities shown in this video are undeniable. And wait until you get to the reveal at the end. Could Luke be the new Obi-Wan?

Could he have survived the Death Star explosion in Jedi? Will he make a force ghost appearance in Episode Eight?


But more importantly, who did he fuck with that fucked up face of his? I know power is an aphrodisiac, but to overcome that?


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