Rihanna Twerked On Stage Like A Champ Again, This Time Getting All Up Onto’s Drake’s Crotch In Miami

Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour is already off to a rousing start. Yesterday, we covered her twerking in a thong and see-through pants, and today’s installment features more of the same along with the man who’s everywhere that anything remotely awesome is happening: Drake.

If this dude isn’t screwing with the Chicago Bulls and forcing turnovers, he’s apparently being brought on stage in Miami as a guest of Rihanna’s so she can grind her ass all over him; but primarily into his understandably eager crotch.



Here’s another look at these two loving the hell out of each other.


And finally, a clearer shot of some bouncy yet synchronized, ass-to-crotch grinding:

If Drake isn’t living the most charmed life in the world right now, he’s definitely among the top five.


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