Rita Ora Enjoys Making Her Sexual Partners ‘Uncomfortable’

Rita Ora just looks like she’s a fun person, don’t you think? And I’m not even talking about in the sack. Though since the topic just happens to have been brought up…

When asked if she has ever pushed someone past their comfort zone during sex, she said: “Yes, many times, I still do. If you get someone a little bit uncomfortable it’s never a bad thing. You have to trust your instincts, be at one with your body. Sex is a language everyone can speak and the mind is a dirty place, thank God. Why wouldn’t you use it to your advantage?”

Ora also revealed to The Sun that while she’s been dating fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger’s son recently she isn’t against having a little fun time with the ladies as well.

Says Ora, “Madonna has been doing it for years and there is nothing wrong with it – you won’t go to jail unless you are doing a show in Uganda.”

So basically Rita Ora’s boyfriend, Ricky Hil (short for Hilfiger I assume, because it’s much cooler), is not only a very lucky man he’s also a man who has to watch out for things being put in places where they aren’t meant to go when he’s taking a trip to pound town. Good to know.