Robert Downey, Jr. Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked About His Past Drug Use

robert downey jr walks out interview

YouTube - Channel 4 News

Robert Downey, Jr. is without a doubt one of the coolest people in Hollywood. The things he does that are both generous as well as hilarious makes him a lockdown fan favorite wherever he goes. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have moments where he feels uncomfortable or emotional.

One of those moments for Robert Downey, Jr. occurred as he was being interviewed by Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy over in the UK and was asked some questions about his father and his use of drugs in the past.

At around the 5:30 mark Guru-Murthy seems to be getting a little nervous, as if he knows where his next question is headed and the reaction he’s probably going to get. Downey even mentions, “Your foots starting to jump a little bit, you better get to your next question.”

That’s when an obviously hesitant Guru-Murthy tries to get into Downey’s family and drug past, none of which Downey is having and gets up, immediately ending the interview.

As he’s leaving you can hear RDJ say things were getting a little “too Diane Sawyer.”

So what do you think? Was Krishnan Guru-Murthy out of line? Or was RDJ just being too sensitive? Maybe a little of both, huh?

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