Robert Downey, Jr. Even Makes Going To The DMV Look Cool As Hell

As if we needed more proof that Robert Downey, Jr. is hands-down the coolest guy in Hollywood here he is tweeting some classic pics of his visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles saying that he was “getting his renewal on” after making just about the biggest movie announcement of the decade earlier in the day.

I love how they just let him go behind the desk and do whatever he wants, which of course I would also do if I worked at a miserable place like the DMV as well. Though one has to wonder how much more of a delay Downey’s presence there caused for the other people waiting to get their license. Not that it probably mattered. How often does one go to get their license renewed and get to see Tony Stark acting like he’s just another one of the people?

Photobombing fans, dropping in announced at Air Force bases and now this. Guy really is a true bro of the world.

No wonder he gets treated like Elvis when he arrives at airports all over the world.