10 Interesting Things We Learned From Today’s Robert Downey, Jr. Reddit AMA

robert downey ama


Robert Downey, Jr. has been going balls out promoting his new movie The Judge, which is a good thing for us, because then he does things like the Reddit Ask Me Anything he did this afternoon.

Of course Downey was his usual hilarious, smirking self (you could just tell he was smirking) hitting on topics such as Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, who his favorite superhero is, and who he would play on Drunk History, among other things.

1. “What’s at the top of your bucket list?”

exhaling noise India. I want to possess it.

2. “I was wondering, will we ever see a Sherlock 3? And what other fictional character would you love to play?”

Yes, we have a Sherlock 3 in development. We want it to be the best of the series, so that’s a pretty tall order. Also, Perry Mason is a property I’m looking forward to developing further, going back to the 1931 book series…similarly to what we did with the first 2 Sherlocks, mining the original material for things that are “new.”

3. “What is your rapper name?”


4. “In the last few years, it seems like the media has increasingly identified you with the character of Tony Stark. Can you talk about what that’s like, and how you hold onto your identity in the face it it?”

Let me try. The first Iron Man was essentially wrapping the character around a cooler version of “me.” As we’ve gone along, I’m starting to wonder who’s playing who, and I’m glad there are so many talented new people in the Marvel lineup. Ultimately, I’m real, and he’s not. It’s kind of important for me to remember that.

5. “Any chance you’ll drop by on Agents of SHIELD this season?”

Nothing is impossible. But there might be a fair amount of red tape involved in something like that. I love Clark Gregg, and am pleased the show is doing so well.

6. “You’ve spoken before about your willingness to re-don the Iron Man Armor if Mel Gibson was to direct. First of all, on a scale of 1 to 11 how serious were you? Secondly, what do you think Mel Gibson would bring to the Iron Man series and would you still consider returning if he does not direct?”

It was an offhanded remark to a journalist and friend. I have other projects in mind for Mel and I – sooner than later the Marvel Roster will be made public and all questions will be answered.

7. “Which non-Hollywood celebrities would you most like to hang out with?”

A) I’d like to spend more time with Elon Musk. B) Andrew Luck, I got to meet him a few days ago, he seems cool, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Let’s see… so many great new tennis players too… C) Anderson Cooper.

8. “If you were to appear on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, what historical person would you talk about?”

Excellent question. Probably our hemp-headed forefathers. I guess they’d be called Founding Fathers. I’m pretty sure Jefferson grew a bunch of weed…

9. “Who’s your favorite superhero?”

My 2 year old is fond of Hawkeye, so just for today, he’ll top my list.

10. “If you were stuck on an island and could only bring 5 things what would they be?”

A boat, an umbrella, my family, a bouncy house, and a really big teepee. Then it would just be an eco-lodge vacation.

For more, check out all of the questions and answers here.

Robert Downey, Jr. image by Featureflash/Shutterstock

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