The Rock to Kill Zombie Osama Bin Laden in ‘Seal Team 666’

I'm not making this up. I'm not fucking with you. Seal Team 666. The mark of the beast. 

The Rock will play a Navy SEAL, and he is going to fight the fucking undead. The Rock versus Cthulhu will happen in this movie. And after he fucking drowns Cthulhu in the middle of the ocean (holding his breath longer than even the legendary sea beast can), he will descend into hell, where in order, The Rock will beat the fuck out of Hitler, Stalin and Osama Bin Laden. Then he will deliver The People's Elbow, while holding a goddamn assault rifle, straight to the solar plexus of Satan himself. This movie is going to be epic. It's going to be amazing. I repeat, The Rock will play a Navy SEAL where he will fight the undead. 

[H/T @DrewMagary]