Watch Ronda Rousey Call Out Justin Bieber For Being A Huge Dick To Her Little Sister At The Cannes Film Festival

I was so close to liking Justin Bieber. Sorry *tolerating Justin Bieber. I wasn’t planning on getting ‘Belieber’ tattooed across my chest or anything (I was thinking my shoulder blade would probably be better placement.) But I think we can all agree his most recent song, What Do You Mean? was fire. I tried so hard to hate it, too. Like so fucking hard. But I’m all for a good comeback story and I succumbed to the mindset that being a complete dickface is virtually unavoidable when you’re like 10-years-old and the biggest pop star on the planet. I’d be a prick too.

But, Biebs is right back in the doghouse after clowning on my girl Rowdy Ronda’s little sis at the Cannes Film Festival. Give the kid an inch, and he takes a mile.