‘OITNB’s Sexy Ruby Rose Schools Conan After He Compares Her To Justin Bieber

by 4 years ago
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Stunning Aussie actress Ruby Rose, who many of us fell in love with thanks to her role on season three of Orange Is The New Black, showed up on Conan Wednesday night and of course, Conan just had to bring up the Justin Bieber comparisons. Personally, I don’t see it, but it’s actually been a thing for some time now.

Judging by Ruby Rose’s reaction she’s in my camp.

“I hear that he gets asked a lot if he’s Ruby Rose, and it must be very frustrating for him,” Rose quickly replied. “But I feel like you know, you can relate. You look like a mixture of, like, Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep, and like, Joel Edgerton. You would be like their love-child if three people had one child.”

“I like that it’s three and two are women. That’s what I like,” said a grinning, sheepish Conan. “I’m glad you threw one guy in there, just to butch it up just a little bit for me.”

What do you think?

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