Ryan Reynolds Shared More REALLY COOL ‘Deadpool’ Movie Stuff Including A Hilarious New Teaser Trailer

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YouTube - 20th Century Fox

If you don’t follow Ryan Reynolds on Twitter you’re really doing yourself a disservice. Not just for the Deadpool movie stuff, which is great, but just in general. Bro is goddamn hilarious on there regardless of the topic.

Recent examples…

Good stuff, right? But that’s not why I brought you here today. I brought you here because Reynolds recently shared a couple of tweets about Deadpool and as usual with everything so far that has to do with the promotion of the film they’re classics.

The other tweet was a cut from a new teaser trailer, but rather than share that edited-down version, here’s the whole thing called “Canadian Rules Football.” You’ll see why in a sec.

Here’s another teaser that came out last week that you might have missed. It too is tremendous.

Deadpool blows up theaters on February 12, 2016.

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