Ryan Reynolds Finally Explained That Hilariously Uncomfortable Photo With Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston


Remember this past summer when Ryan Reynolds somehow got sucked into the whole Taylor SwiftTom Hiddleston vortex of nonsense and someone snapped a photo of him looking about as uninterested as humanly possible?

Could he possibly look more disinterested? Bro looks like he’s being held hostage. Hilarious.

I just assumed that ALL of those things were going on in Reynolds head when the photo was snapped, but it turns out that something else was going on in there, at least according to what he recently told EW

Ryan Reynolds has had a helluva 2016, and that’s why EW named him our Entertainer of the Year. He starred in one of the year’s biggest hits, Deadpool. He welcomed a second daughter with wife Blake Lively (The Shallows). And he spent our nation’s birthday at the home of none other than Taylor Swift. The latter event became the stuff of internet gold when a group shot, including Reynolds, Lively, Swift, and then boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, hit social media. While the other subjects seem quite happy, Reynolds’ sad looking face became meme fodder.

So when we sat down with Reynolds to talk about his great year for this week’s EW, we had to ask: Were you actually upset? “No that’s a problem I’ve had all my life,” admits the actor. “If I’m not aware a photo is being taken, my natural resting face is one of a man dying. I had no idea somebody was taking a photo. Therefore I was resting comfortably in my persona of a man whose soul is visibly exiting this earth.”

He is 100% lying. They were all posing for God’s sake. He hates them all, but is too nice to just say it, right?


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