Host Of ‘S-Town’ (Aka ‘Serial 2.0’) Shows Off The Gold-Plated Dime John B. McLemore Made Him

I finished listening to S-Town last night, a podcast produced by the co-creator of Serial and by This American Life contributors. I’m hoping that every one of you bros out there has already heard about S-Town if not, this article might be lost on you. Just like Serial, this podcast went viral. The first episode picked up over TEN MILLION downloads.

Listening to S-Town host Brian Reed talk for 7 episodes you begin to create this idea in your head of what he probably looks like. My mental image was wrong. I expected him to look much more gangly and nerdy. As for the gold-plated dime that John B. McLemore gave Brian, an artifact which was discussed several times throughout the series, I really had no idea what it would look like but it is pretty gorgeous.

I won’t give away any details of S-Town for those of you that haven’t listened to it yet, but I will encourage you to listen. The story that John B. McLemore approaches Brian Reed with is compelling, but it’s also just a scratch on the surface of a much larger tale. I’m not sure I finished the series on the edge of my seat like I did with Serial, but I definitely went out of my way to binge through each episode because each was as compelling as the next. 10 out of 10, would listen again.

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