Chelsea Peretti Spits Mad Shade At Rich White Guys While Hosting The Crunchies

Last night Chelsea Peretti took an imaginative blowtorch to the preconceived notion about what’s appropriate humor for an awards show..dedicated to the founders and investors of the brightest, most impactful companies of the world. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star spiked the otherwise warm and bubbly 9th Annual Crunchy Awards, with a serious dose of awkward turtlejuice.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m coming out of left field here for some of you, but real-talk Peretti seems to lack a funny fiber in her body, and comes across as a poor man’s distastefully disrespectful Aubrey Plaza. Peretti’s whole detached, I don’t give a flying fuck delivery and slowpoke-styled speech delivery is a fat, fat yawn. She spends more time laughing at her own jokes than anyone else. During the video, her emoji joke about being able to alter your emoji so that it looks more like you–like when you customize a video game character–is straight up distilled weak sauce. So, so, so bad. Peretti’s like that gal at that party you’d end up at for most Thirsty Thursdays, who took too many pink panty droppers to face and proceeded to kill the buzz of anyone within earshot by laying down some sloppy, dumbed-down humor.

A couple of her jokes dispelled throughout her performance:

“Snapchat has completely revolutionized the way teenagers get pregnant.”

At one point she straight up asks, “Are Uber drivers recruited from mental hospitals?” Then she digs deeper down the shithole and says, “I feel like I’m talking to someone with a personality disorder.” A bit on the side of uncomfortably insensitive, right? Oh and her claim to fail-fame has gotta be this lil easter egg:

“..A battle taking place between Uber and Lyft, and if this were basketball, Lyft would be the clippers, and Uber would be kobe bryant because of all the rape stuff.”

Seriously, sit down Peretti. You are done.