Bro Or Not Bro? Lord Disick Spotted Partying All Night With This Model Just Out Of High School

scott disick lindsay vrckovnik

Scott Disick, Instagram

Looks like Scott Disick has hand in yet another cookie jar, so to speak. After reports of him getting friendly with Kimberly Stewart, aka Rod Stewart’s daughter, and then allegedly dating another model named Makayla Yarbrough comes photos of Disick, 32, partying all night with another model.

This time though, it’s with a model from Toronto who is 18 and just graduated high school named Lindsay Vrckovnik.

According to TMZ (who has photos of the couple)…

Disick and the mystery chick started their party adventure at his hotel … they were spotted walking out of the Trump Soho Wednesday afternoon. They hit up a bar in the East Village …then a house party, and eventually 1 OAK Nightclub.

And they still weren’t done. The mobile party kept rolling at Soho House … where they eventually emerged at 6 AM Thursday.

Here’s a photo Vrckovnik posted to Facebook right after her graduation in May…

high schools dun

Posted by Lindsay Vrckovnik on Sunday, May 31, 2015


And here’s what Lindsay Vrckovnik looks like from a video she shot in June

Lindsay Vrckovnik Scott Disick

YouTube - EIGHTY EIGHT Films

Remember back in April when there were rumors of Scott Disick trying to hook up with Kendall Jenner? We all said, no way, she’s too young, plus she’s Kourtney’s half-sister. Maybe we were off on the whole too young part, huh?

So is this move by The Lord bro or not bro? Eh, maybe they’re just friends, right?