Lord Disick Had A Fun NSFW Wish For Everyone At The Club He Was Hosting This Weekend

scott disick harrahs atlantic city

Scott Disick, Instagram

Scott Disick was hosting an event at Harrah’s in Atlantic City over the weekend, as is his job these days, when he made an announcement to the crowd that was very Lord-worthy.

To start off the Pool After Dark party at Harrah’s Disick took the mic and told his disciples in attendance, “For all you single people out there I hope you all get your dick sucked! That’s what I’m praying for! Let’s go blow the fucking roof off this motherfucker!”

He then walked offstage, was manhandled by some chick who wanted her picture taken with him before reportedly heading off to a cordoned-off VIP cabana, where RadarOnline says “he was spotted chatting it up with local beauties.”

Radar asked in their headline if Disick was on a downward spiral? If this is a downward spiral I want to have the same kind of issues he has. Allegedly smashing a hot model, stumbling out of clubs into cars filled with groupies, must be rough.

Disick was also asked by Us Weekly at Harrah’s if he was worried about making money now that he’s not part of the Kardashian clan anymore? His response?

“I’ve been making money since I was a kid, and I’ll keep making money so I am not worried about it,” Disick, 32, tells Us. “I am feeling good.”

No word on whether that will involve him getting into the porn business as has been previously reported.

An eyewitness tells Us that the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took selfies with a bunch of girls at the club throughout the night, and when a smiling blonde girl with tattoos tried to dance with him, he held her arm and whispered into her ear.

If there were any signs of remorse about his July split from Kardashian, 36, Disick hid them on Saturday.

Yeah, he’s spiraling all right. Right into having his life be one giant fantasy dream come true.

Check out the video here.