It Must Suck To Be Scott Disick Stumbling Out Of A Club At 3 AM Being Forced Into A Car Full Of Hot Groupies

Let the Lord be with you, ladies.

And here, bros, is the difference between being Lord Disick and being you and I. See you and I would have done a swan dive into the backseat of a car full of what I’m assuming is hot chicks, but let’s be honest, does it really matter if they’re hot at 3 am? “Do they four limbs and perfume on? Nice, these chicks will do.”

Scott legit acted like he was sharing the backseat with Honey Boo Boo and Charles Manson. Like it was a nuisance. What better plans could a cross-eyed Scott Disick have at the end of a long night than having a four-some with a few groupies? It’s difficult for a dude like me to even venture a guess. Maybe he’s got Emily Ratajkowski and Jennifer Lawrence fixing him a bath at home. Maybe he’s planning on riding a unicorn on the California beaches with a topless Kate Upton.

Or maybe he’s going home to fuck a peach ring with a cucumber.

Not the activity I would have chose, but do you, Lord Disick. Do you.

[h/t TMZ]