Scottie Pippen Was Cheating On His Wife Larsa With A Sports Illustrated Model, Claims Larsa’s Close Friends



As you probably know by now, Scottie and Larsa Pippen are ending their 19-year marriage amidst rumors Larsa was having an affair with rapper Future.

The divorce capped off a brutal week for the two, as police were called to their $11 million Fort Lauderdale home twice for domestic disturbances. Scottie reportedly raised his voice, smashed his phone, and left Larsa ‘scared’ after he allegedly had his wife followed by a private investigator.

Now, Larsa’s friends are claiming that Larsa isn’t the only one who tested the boundaries of the marriage, as the six-time NBA champion had an affair with a Sports Illustrated Model.

‘She says he’s been saying all the things about her that he does himself,’ a close friend of Larsa’s told  ‘Like he told her he doesn’t want his children around a wh**e and accused her of being mentally unstable.

‘He’s trying to basically frame her as a bad mother because she had the affair.’

She has been telling everyone that he’s no angel and  ‘had the affair first with a model. A Sports Illustrated model.’

Although the identity of the model has not been revealed, I’d venture to guess it’s Erin Heatherton, who was born and raised outside of Chicago. Erin has proclaimed herself a huge Bulls fan, going to games growing up and even being present for Jordan’s last game. Again, just  guess. A guess I choose to believe is fact. INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM, you love me now, dad?!

Ok, back to the ugly story.

Larsa’s close friends told the Daily Mail that Scottie plans on using every last penny of his estimated $50 million fortune to make her life ‘a living hell’ and will do everything in his power to get sole custody of their four kids.

‘He just keeps saying that she’s crazy and he doesn’t want his children around whores, things like that. It’s really ugly. They’re just battling it out at this point.’

Scottie, let sleeping dogs lie, man. The only thing you achieve by going nuclear on your wife for getting porked by Future after you porked an SI model is making yourself less attractive to future women. Think about your future Scottie.

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