Scottie Pippen And His Hot Wife Larsa Reunite After Messy Breakup Sparked By Rumors She Was Sexing Rapper Future

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It was just three months ago when Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa ending their 19-year marriage amidst rumors Larsa was having an affair with rapper Future.

The divorce capped off a brutal week for the two back in October, as police were called to their $11 million Fort Lauderdale home twice for domestic disturbances. Scottie reportedly raised his voice, smashed his phone, and left Larsa ‘scared’ after he allegedly had his wife followed by a private investigator.

Sources supporting Larsa came public to say that Scottie wasn’t an angel himself, and was the one who had an affair first with a Sports Illustrated model.

The whole saga was an messy as it was public, and all signs indicated that these two were done for good.

But never underestimate the power of love and the mind-clearing abilities of just a little time apart. According to Daily Mail, the two were spotted enjoying a night out together at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood with Kourtney Kardashian.

Larsa was sporting an insane new diamond ring, which she said was an early Valentine’s Day gift, presumably from Scottie.


Daily Mail

That is obscene. A hell of a lot more flashy than the one I plan on getting my girlfriend from a kiosk in the mall.

I can’t imagine why Scottie would want to get back with his wife. Oh wait, I just found several reasons.


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