Here’s A Part Of ‘Seinfeld’ You’ve Never Seen Before, No Matter How Many Times You’ve Watched The Show

You can recite every line from every episode of Seinfeld. Want a marble rye? You and about a million other fans. But here’s a piece of Seinfeld that you’ve never seen before — unless you worked on the show.

To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary (it debuted on May 30, 1990), Vox has uncovered a little section of Jerry’s apartment that never made it on camera. Dubbed “the fourth wall”, this section of Jerry’s fictional bachelor pad was decorated as if one day, some day, it would get it’s big break and appear on the show.

Sadly, much like Mr. Steinbrenner’s face, it never got its moment in the spotlight.

So what’s on Jerry’s wall? A vintage Porsche ad, a photo of an old horse and carriage and a couple random baseball photos, once again proving Jerry’s place is decorated exactly like that of a schoolboy in the 1950s.

[via Vox]

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