These New Set Photos From Season 5 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Show That Tyrion’s Storyline Is About To Get Cut In HALF

There’s about to be a poopload of spoilers in this post, so if you’re one of those people who actually enjoys being kept in the dark about everything despite the rest of the world now speed-reading through the books so they can pass the show, gtfo.

If you’re NOT, then I offer you my sincerest apologies. Please continue reading.

For those of you who have read the books, you know that after Tyrion gets the hell outta King’s Landing he disappears for pretty much an entire book. If you’d like a visual on what I mean by “disappears for pretty much an entire book,” here’s what the Wikipedia entry on Tyrion Lannister looks like for A Clash of Kings:

And here’s what it looks like for A Feast for Crows, aka the upcoming season of Game of Thrones:

Slight difference between the two, yeah? Since Tyrion is pretty much everyone’s favorite character in the show there’d most likely be pandemonium if the writers didn’t give him shit to do for an entire season, but unfortunately for him when his book plot finally returns, the storyline is painfully stupid.

The way George R.R. Martin wrote it, Tyrion ships off from King’s Landing, isn’t seen for an entire book, and winds up getting tangled in a drawn-out plot with all-new players. Where does this story lead him? Dwarf jousting. Yeah, you heard me, dwarf jousting.

Via Vanity Fair

I dunno about you, but if I had to choose between Tyrion getting’ his joust on or meeting up with Daenerys over in Mereen a tad bit earlier, I’d pick Daenerys 100% of the time.

Yep, you heard me right. Tyrion + Daenerys = Season 5.

… Tyrion’s plot is getting drastically changed and accelerated. This is not only good news for Tyrion, but good news for the lady sitting near him. Yes that’s Tyrion, Dany…presiding over the fighting pits of Mereen…

In the books (once again, after a long side journey), Tyrion winds up in Dany’s fighting pits, not, as he’s seen here, by her side in a place of honor. Can we assume that in the show Jorah makes good on his thwarted book plan to capture Tyrion and bring him to Dany as a peace offering?

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“”After being banished from Daenerys’ service, Jorah plans to bring Tyrion to her in order to regain her forgiveness after seeing him in a brothel. Clearly Jorah’s made good on that plan, but it’s not yet clear as to whether or not Dany takes him back. The books haven’t given us an answer yet, but appears that this season of Game of Thrones will finally be surpassing the literature and giving us some answers before George R.R. Martin can.

Here’s some other photos to tide yourselves over with in the meantime:


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