Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, and Fred Armisen Exit SNL in Style. Kanye’s New Album Is Called ‘Yeezus’

Weekend Update: IRS Targeting Scandal with Amy Poehler, plus Stefon's Farewell

Amy Poehler joins Seth for some important commentary, and Bill Hader's wildly popular 'Stefon' joined Seth Meyers for one final time. They both got a bit choked up.


Depression Trick

Hader and Affleck in a nice, 1930's exchange. Good ending twist. 


Farewell Song

Solid farewell song for the departing cast members


Iranian Film

How Ben Affleck tricked Hollywood into making Argo. Pretty great. 


Xanax For Gay Summer Weddings

Gay summer weddings can be stressful. This could help. 


Musical Guest: Kanye West

Kayne announced his new album will be titled Yeezus. He sampled two songs, Black Skinhead and New Slaves, during last night's performance. Black Skinhead features a sample from Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People. Thus far, the whole thing is becoming quite the social experiment.