Gold Medalist Shaun White Was Born With Same Heart Condition As Jimmy Kimmel’s Son

by 12 months ago

If you haven’t seen it yet, on Monday night Jimmy Kimmel was brought to tears discussing the birth of his newborn son. Jimmy’s son was born with a heart condition which required his newborn to go into open heart surgery almost immediately. 36 hours later and that monologue from Jimmy Kimmel is still the #1 trending video on YouTube with over 7 million views.

What was lost in the shuffle after that touching moment from Kimmel were Jimmy’s interviews with guests that night. One of those guests was Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, a man who has won more X Games gold medals than he knows what to do with. It turns out, Shaun White was born with the very same heart condition as Jimmy Kimmel’s newborn son, and as you know, Shaun went on to become the greatest snowboarder the world has ever known.

On a side note, I once met Shaun White and took shots with him at the after part of the film Just Friends and he’s the chillest celebrity I’ve ever met. Maybe he could sense that I was a legit fan, and neither of us was fully comfortable in a room full of celebrities, but he was totally down to hang out, rip shots, and talk sports. Great dude.

Another interesting clip from that show came when the controversial Dr. Oz explained the condition, and how far technology has come in combating this congenital heart disease:

Will Arnett was a guest host for Jimmy Kimmel last night. Hopefully, that means Jimmy had the night off and was at home with his family.

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