Shia LaBeouf Released From NYPD Custody and Boy, Does He Look Like He Had a Rough Night

Last night we told you about how Shia LaBeouf being arrested by the NYPD at a Broadway show. The Transformers actor was allegedly smoking inside the theater and “engaging in other disruptive behavior,” reportedly crying, calling one cop “a fag,” and telling another he’d “fuck you up” when he was arrested. He was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespassing.

TMZ says he even played the classic “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?!” card. Also, there are some amazing photos of him chasing around a homeless guy in Times Square.

Today he was released with a court date set for July 24. Here’s a pic snapped upon his release from NYPD custody:


This portrait-of-an-artist-as-a-walking-trainwreck pretty much what I looked like every Thursday and Friday morning my senior year in college. Guess I wasn’t crying or saying “Fuck you. I’ll fuck you up.” to cops, though.

Myles nails it:


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