The Newest ‘SNL’ Cast Member Is A 25-Year-Old Comedian With A HILARIOUS ‘House Of Cards’ Parody

Saturday Night Live will begin its 41st season in October. Amy Schumer will host! So will Tracy Morgan. Woo! It’s a sign that quarter four of 2015 is officially upon us.

Today Lorne Michaels announced that a new cast member will be joining the show for its 41st season: 25-year-old comedian Jon Rudnitsky. I’ve caught his stand-up a couple of times in New York City and I can confirm that he is funny (if you give a shit… you don’t). And since this is 2015, he’s already being of having some “social media skeletons in the closet” by outraged news outlets like AV Club and Defamer. In comedy, I’d consider this more a sign of success than a condemnation these days. A few “offensive” tweets in question:

Show of hands if you’re offended by those tweets? *Crickets* OK.

Back in 2013, he dropped an absolutely phenomenal parody of House Of Cards right when the show started binge-watch Netflix mania. I actually blogged about it at length at the time because it was just that spot-on. Rudnitsky has also made numerous appearances in Elite Daily’s YouTube videos over the years.

Stoked to see how he adds to the cast mix on SNL.

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