SNL’s Kyle Mooney Trolls Justin Bieber Fans Waiting For Him To Perform On The TODAY Show

It was a sad day in my life when Kyle Mooney and the sketch trio from Good Neighbor Stuff penned a deal with Saturday Night Live. Nothing filled the void of a weekend night when girls refused to pick up my phone calls like going down the Good Neighbor Stuff rabbit hole–namely watching the impossibly cringeworthy Kyle Mooney get worked up about sports he knows nothing about, being that roommate that no one likes, and being that punk kid who just wants a hug from his deadbeat dad. It was all such outrageous fun.

And although I understand the trio had higher aspirations that making my lonely ass cackle on a Friday night, it’s good to see some vintage Kyle hilariously troll the shit out of Beliebers waiting in the rain for him to perform on the TODAY show. So perfectly cringeworthy. So unwatchable it’s a must-see.

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