SNL: Here’s A Sassy Louis C.K. Telling Leslie Jones That Her Nails Are ‘On Fleek.’ – RIP On Fleek

In the sketch, Louis C.K. is a new employee at a Sprint store. He is warned about the boss who is occasionally nasty by his new coworkers, Jay Pharaoh and Vanessa Bayer. However Louis doesn’t heed their warning and is caught imitating his sassy new boss Brenda, played by Leslie Jones. Instead of risking his job and admitting that he was mocking her, he claims that is how he always talks. “I’m talkin’ like how my momma taught me to talk, and if you clownin’ on my moms, you is about to get bounced,” Louis emphatically states.

Louis suddenly loves Angela Bassett and snapping his fingers after he ends a conversation. The comedian “keeps it 100” with a female customer and calls her out for her “fake-ass weave.”

A very animated Louis C.K. complimenting his boss, “Damn Brenda, where you get dem nails did? Dey on fleek.” Well that’s certainly the end of “on fleek,” when the palest 47-year-old on the planet uses the popular slang.

Louis keeps up the charade for five years and the two become great friends, they even call each other “boo” and “sugar.” Despite the comedian frontin’ the whole time, Brenda discovers his secret and calls him out in the very entertaining skit.