In Only A Few Hours, ‘South Park’ Writers Change Episode To Reflect Donald Trump’s Stunning Election Victory

by 1 year ago

The 2016 presidential election wasn’t decided until the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and even though South Park aired only hours later that day Matt Stone and Trey Parker were able include Donald Trump’s surprise election victory into the latest episode.

Originally the episode was titled “The Very First Gentleman,” implying a Hillary Clinton win at the election. But when Trump shockingly won the election they changed the name to “Oh Jeez.” The writers had to quickly change the South Park election results from Turd Sandwich (Clinton) winning the election to Giant Douche (Mr. Garrison, a Trump-like politician) pulling off the win.

They discuss online trolling, WikiLeaks and Cartman tries to impress his girlfriend.

Even Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby made an appearance.

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You can watch the episode here.

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