South Park Shits On The Idea Of Donald Trump As President And Then Had Mr. Garrison Rape Him To Death

The idea of a better America. That’s what every 2016 presidential candidate is trying to sell. And no one is selling it better (and worse) than human caricature and carnival barker, Donald Trump.

Trump is saying everything we want to hear, while saying nothing at all. He’s also saying a lot of things we don’t want to hear, shooting himself in the foot around every corner, but none of that seems to matter to his poll numbers. People want change. People want someone, ANYONE, who hasn’t spent their life as a part of the political machine. Trump and Ben Carson are those people. Unfortunately for Carson, however, he has the outward enthusiasm of a rotting corpse. Some people (or just Trump) might say he’s not “high energy” enough for the job.

But is Trump the right man? South Park doesn’t seem to think so and it’s clear that they wanted to point that out in last night’s episode. Especially since they had Mr. Garrison RAPE HIM TO DEATH. Aggressive. So aggressive.

Other than constantly promising to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, BECAUSE FUCK OBAMA, Trump is not giving us any specifics on what he’s going to do if elected. Well, he’s going to build a big beautiful wall, but aside from that we have no idea what he will do to improve healthcare, improve the treatment of veterans, lower taxes for the middle class, destroy I.S.I.S, create jobs, etc. And that is what South Park is trying to point out. His entire campaign, thus far, has been all chatter and no substance.

Are they right? I don’t know. I see Trump as a guy who knows he isn’t as politically polished as other candidates, but is confident that he can put the right people in his cabinet and turn this country around. Is that true? Who knows, but our country might just be crazy enough to find out.