Did The Director Of ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Just Tease A Sexual Relationship Between Poe And Finn In The Next Film?


The Force Awakens

Man. More like … The Force A-GAY-kens.

Wait wait. More like … Poe GAY-meron.

No, no. I’ve got a better one. Light GAY-ber.

The Empire Strikes Butt.

I’m dead.

Okay. So like, you probably have no idea about how stupid the depths of this story is, but I’ll try and explain. Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, Men’s Rights Activists tried to get people to boycott the movie because, according to them, it was nothing more than liberal social justice propaganda masquerading as pop culture.

Their reason? There was a woman in the movie who did things.

Seriously, that’s like … the entirety of the argument. They took a Twitter poll and a bunch of idiot dudes (who probably still went to go see the movie) claimed they wouldn’t never see it. So they published an article saying they’d irrevocable damaged Star Wars’ opening weekend with their organized boycott (Twitter poll).

(The Force Awakens made like two billion dollars already.)

Since then, people have been trolling those losers about it, and one of the funnier jokes they’ve been hit with is that the bromance between Finn and Poe is something more … sexual.

Oh man, imagine how much that would enrage them. GAY SEX IN STAR WARS. The left has won. America is over.

Anyway, the director of Episode 8, Rian Johnson, tweeted this little illustration in a Twitter canoe (which probably had nothing to do with all the above I mentioned, but whatever, it’s still great).


God. I hope they fuck in this movie. I hope the movie is nothing but two HOURS of them fucking. I hope it’s the highest grossing film of all time. I hope Luke joins in and makes it a gay Jedi orgy.

That’ll show those MRAs.

[H/T @xmasape]

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