Here’s One Stat That Proves All Those *Records Broken By ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Are Complete Bullshit

by 3 years ago

Ever since Fandango tickets first went on sale for Star Wars: The Force Awakens we’ve been inundated with news about how record breaking the film is, but all of the records the film is breaking and the manner in which it’s breaking those records is complete bullshit (and I’ll explain why in one simple stat). It’s already become the highest grossing film of all time in North America, it was the fastest film to ever reach $1 billion in box office sales, and it’s expected to unseat Avatar as the highest grossing film in history.

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX 3-D, it’s one hell of a film, I have nothing bad to say about the movie itself. What I take issue with is how the studio’s are making this out to be the biggest fucking film in the history of Hollywood, but there’s one stat that proves it’s not (h/t Drudge Report):

When you adjust for inflation of ticket prices Star Wars: The Force Awakens has actually sold significantly less tickets than the other ‘Biggest Blockbusters’ in history. In fact, TFA only ranks 21st in ‘tickets sold’ once you adjust for the cost of movie tickets. The astronomical cost of movie tickets (thanks for that, IMAX!) is what’s causing Star Wars: The Force Awakens to break all of these box office records, not the fact that it’s filling the most seats in movie theaters.

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