Stephen Colbert Trolled The Living Hell Out Of Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement

stephen colbert donald trump announcement

YouTube - The Late Show

If you thought Stephen Colbert was going to let a comedy opportunity like Donald Trump running for President go by without saying something, well there was no chance of that happening.

He may have a few months left until he starts up on The Late Show, but Colbert proved that he’s still in rare form as he absolutely skewered Trump’s Presidential announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that I have an announcement to make. Donald Trump has announced he is running for President of the United States. Thank you,” began Colbert while sporting a hilarious comb-over and standing in a “giant human trash can.”

“This will be the finest, most luxurious gold-plated, diamond-encrusted campaign that will give hope to a weary nation until together we reach that fine fall day when the new season of Celebrity Apprentice premieres. And if elected, Trump will be in his own word, ‘the greatest jobs president that God ever created.'” (Trump really did say that.)

“Not just any god. The most powerful, almightiest god, omnipotent, in the most luxurious heaven imaginable. Don’t get me started on those other heavens.”

And it just gets better from there…

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