Steve Carell And Kristen Wiig’s Bit At Last Night’s Golden Globes Actually Made Me Laugh Out Loud

by 2 years ago

Every now and again at these bougie award shows, it’s nice to get a break from celebrities with personal helicopters telling us to recycle and millionaires urging us to donate to a Cherokee tribe in northern Iowa. Ya sure thing Leo, let me just pay the rent I’m three weeks late on and I’ll empty out what’s left on that thing you’re trying to make me care about. Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig provided us with the most comedic bit of the Golden Globes last night when introducing the nominees for Best Animated Film. It was light, funny, and self-aware. This is what these award shows need more of, trained actors staying in their lanes and entertaining. A little less pandering and urging us to donate a kidney to a young arts student in Cleveland.

Check out some other noteworthy takeaways from the Golden Globes below:

Sophia Vergara drops an anal joke

Emily Ratajkowski forgetting a bra

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield sucking face (put your dick away, bro)

Tomi Lahren ripping Meryl Streep for calling out Trump in her speech

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