Steve Harvey Finally Opens Up About The Hell Following His Mess-Up On Miss Universe And It Sounds Awful

by 1 year ago

For weeks (months?) Steve Harvey botching the announcement of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant winner was the biggest story in the news. You’ve seen the clip, and the thousands of memes, showing Steve Harvey walk his ass out on stage and announce the wrong name only to have to immediately turn around and apologize for his mistake.

Many suggested that this was all a PR stunt to drum up headlines but after watching Steve Harvey’s firsthand account of the biggest mishap of his life I think we can put the conspiracy theories to bed. Clearly, this was a monumental fuck up and one that was caused because Steve Harvey is human just like the rest of us. To err is to be human, and his mind just so happened to go rogue while millions of people were watching him all around the globe.

You have to feel bad for him, just a little, but then again you can remember that this man gets paid millions and millions of dollars to stand in front of a camera and read words. So he’s not all that deserving of pity, is he? At the end of the day, Jimmy Fallon didn’t need to chuckle in his face when talking about the Miss Universe hiccup but that’s just who Jimmy is, a sometimes dumbass, the same as Steve.

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