Watch This Never-Before-Seen Footage From ‘Jackass’ Where Steve-O Gets His Nipple Pierced With A BB Gun


I’ve never seen Jackass or any of the sequels, but if they deserve the reputation they’ve got then I don’t see what’s so bad about this video. According to Steve-O this clip has been hidden away for years, never to see the light of day…until now:

A lot of people ask what we filmed for jackass that we couldn’t show– it took years for me to be allowed to show you this, but here it is (and the BB is still in my nipple to this day).#RIPRyanDunn #yeahdude

It’s just a BB gun. And a nipple. Isn’t there a bit where one of them gets electrodes attached to his dick? I’d think that’s way worse than a permanent BB gun piercing, but what do I know.

[Via Facebook]