Steven Avery From ‘Making A Murderer’ Now Claims That His BROTHERS May Have Killed Teresa Halbach



Yesterday we brought you the news on how the creators behind Making a Murderer talked to a jury member from Steven Avery’s case that only voted guilty because he feared for his own safety, and JCamm even broke down the entire series into 11 case points that suggest Steven Avery was framed…but today is a new day. Completely different news cycle, completely new news stories, which means that we’re done talking about Making a Murderer for now. Instead, this post will be about kittens. Fun!

Yeah okay that joke was bad but I needed a transition. Sue me. Today’s news cycle is STILL about Making a Murderer (not that I’m complaining), with Steven Avery reigning headline king with the claim that his own brothers might’ve been the ones who killed Teresa Halbach. The phrase “burning bridges” comes to mind, but considering that at least half of that family can’t even read, let alone know what the Internet is, I think he’s safe to say just about whatever he wants without his mom going on down to prison and staring silently at him while his dad rambles some jargon out from the side of his face. Via TMZ,

Steven Avery claims his own two brothers may have killed Teresa Halbach — especially one who he says had a history of harassing women at the exact location where Teresa was last seen.

Avery filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which he claims brothers Earl and Charles may have done the deed for which he’s serving a life sentence. He says both have a history of sexually assaulting women. Earl once pled no contest to sexually assaulting his 2 daughters.

According to the docs, which Steven filed in 2009 after his conviction, brother Charles’ criminal conduct and actions are even more problematic. He was charged with sexually assaulting his wife by holding her down and trying to strangle her with a phone cord before having intercourse with her.

The docs say Charles also had a history of aggression toward women who visited the family’s junkyard. One woman, who was there to retrieve her car that had been towed, complained to cops she was afraid of Charles because he was aggressively pursuing her … sending flowers and money to her home, calling her incessantly and showing up at her doorstep.

Documents further state that there was another incident in which Charles harassed a woman who bought a car from their junkyard, going so far as to ask her on dates and even show up at her house. Another claims that Charles drove by her house repeatedly “and would tell her on the phone he had seen her in her bathing suit as he drove by.” Ominously, all these women were harassed by Charles within a month of the time Halbach went missing.

As for motive, Steven says that they were fighting over the family business and were “jealous” that he was about to win a multi-million dollar settlement for being wrongfully convicted of sexual assault. Whether or not any of this is even plausible we’ve yet to find out – but with all the buzz generated by the show, there’s no doubt that we’ll inevitably find the truth in the oncoming weeks.


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