Steven Avery Of ‘How To Make A Murderer’ Files New Appeal Claiming Juror And Police Misconduct

steven avery appeal

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As you may have heard or read, Steven Avery, the subject of the very popular Netflix documentary Making A Murderer, has some new legal representation.

Just the other day it was announced that he would be represented by the Law Firm of Kathleen Zellner and Associates.

However, it isn’t Zellner and Associates that have filed his latest appeal to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, but Avery himself.

Reports TMZ

Avery says the jurors were tainted, because one juror made repeated comments that he was “f***ing guilty.” Avery says the juror in question also told the other jurors, “If you can’t handle it why don’t you tell them [the judge] and just leave.”

Avery claims in new legal docs the search that ultimately produced incriminating evidence … including blood and the key to Halbach’s vehicle, was illegal. He says the scope of the search exceeded the limits set by the search warrant itself.

And he claims Halbach’s vehicle was not properly sealed with tamper-proof tape, allowing cops to open and close the doors and plant evidence … namely his blood.

Avery also claims in his appeal that his lawyer incompetently represented him.

One would have to assume that Avery is not referring to the angelic Dean Strang and his co-counsel Jerry Buting, but another lawyer which TMZ did not name. Perhaps one of his appeals lawyers. Because if Avery is going to disparage those two men then I will cease having any sympathy for him whatsoever.


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