Steven Avery Releases Letter From Prison Accusing His Ex Of Lying: ‘The Real Killer Is Still Out There’

A reporter from Milwaukee’s WISN 12 News, Colleen Henry, wrote the now very infamous star of Making A Murderer, Steven Avery asking him for comments on the viral Netflix show that has taken over the nation.

What she received back was a three-page letter where Avery once again proclaimed his innocence and questioned why his ex-girlfriend Jodi Stachowski would change her story, now calling him a “monster” and saying that he was guilty.

From WISN 12 News

He’s maintained his innocence all this time. In the letter he said, “Here, put this on and I will talk to you, and do an investigation of the sheriff of Manitowoc County.”

Avery focused on his former girlfriend Jodi Stachowski. She professed his innocence in the documentary, but recently told Nancy Grace he was a monster who threatened her and her family, and she now believes he killed Halbach.

Avery suggested the state paid his former girlfriend to change her story writing, “How much money Jodi get to talk bad!”

With Avery’s handwritten note came a typed statement in which he wrote, “The real killer is still out there. Who is he stalking now? I am really innocent of this case and that is the truth!!! The truth will set me free!!!!!!!”

Avery said he’s willing to do an interview, but the Department of Corrections said it will not allow interviews.

Now some are wondering why the Department of Corrections won’t allow Avery to do a live interview with the station. Granted, it is probably well within their rights to not allow it, but with all that’s happened in the past it seems to just raise even more suspicion. Something the legal system of Wisconsin has obviously already had plenty thrown its way over the past couple of months.

Perhaps this too is something Avery’s high-powered new legal team can also overcome.

[WISN 12 News]

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