Some Genius Modded Super Mario Odyssey So It Takes Place In ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

by 4 years ago

Not going to lie, this is probably my favorite Grand Theft Auto mash-up of all time. Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch is the next big thing in gaming. You get to run around as Mario in an urban environment and other settings to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

Some genius took the concept one step further: What if Mario was actually running around in Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV? The video has it all: Mario in bar fights, Mario hanging out with heroin junkies at the bus station, Mario running from the 5-O on a moped. It’s too perfect.

I’m never going to look at Mario the same after seeing those big ass white hands in a strip club. Then again I shouldn’t be that surprised that a plumber from Brooklyn is a bathroom-handjob-at-the-strip-club kind of guy.


You’re a twisted fuck, Mario.

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