Bros! Sylvester Stallone Is Making Another Rambo Movie! Are We Excited?

Sylvester Stallone Mexican Cartel Rambo 5

TriStar Pictures

32 years after making First Blood Sylvester Stallone is finally going to close the door on John Rambo with a fifth and final film in the series called, wait for it: Rambo: Last Blood. Clever.

Now if we could only get Stallone to combine The Expendables, Rocky and Rambo into one epic film then we’d REALLY have something worth seeing.

Oh, never mind, there’s also another Rocky-based movie coming out…

Stallone, who wrote the script for the new Rambo film and is set to direct, will first film a role in director Ryan Coogler’s upcoming Rocky spinoff Creed, which stars Michael B. Jordan (That Awkward Moment) as Apollo Creed’s grandson Adonis. (Hollywood Reporter)

No release date has been set for Rambo: Last Blood yet, but Sly has already written the script and will direct the film. Can’t wait.

“They drew first blood.”