Here’s Tara Reid In ‘Mosquitonado’ Because Tara Reid In ‘Sharknado’ Is Simply Not Enough Tara Reid

mosquitonado tara reid

YouTube - Terminix

When asked what would be worse, a sharknado or a mosquitonado, our love in life Tara Reid had a tough time deciding.

As you will see, Tara thought you might be more likely to die in a sharknado, but with a mosquitonado you’d probably be really itchy so it’s a tough call. She’s so awesome.

Naturally, the geniuses over at Terminix snagged Tara Reid and put her in this funny spoof of what’s already a spoof, Sharknado, only with mosquitoes for Mosquitonado and another brilliant idea came to life.

You know what? I’d watch that too if were a real movie. Are you listening Syfy? We want MORE Tara.

H/T People

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